Plumbing Tips for your household


Blockages in your drains


Don't throw oil into the zink. This will cause blockages in the waste pipe. Left over food bits will also cause blockages. Use hot water after doing the dishes, this helps dissolve hardended oil in the waste pipe.


Closing tap after usage


If you are using hot water for a few minutes, do not overturn the tap when you close. The tap washer becomes soft after using hot water. Close the tap until the water stops dripping. Do not give an extra turn, as this just damages the tap washer. If the tap continues to drip the washer is already damaged.


Main drain blockages


Never throw objects that cannot dissolve into the toilet, like newspapers, baby wraps etc. There are always roots in your sewerage lines and these objects will get stuck on the roots and cause a blockage.


Copper piping versus Galvanized piping


Older houses were built with galvanized piping years ago. Today houses are built with copper piping. Galvanized piping caused a rust build up, which is not very easy to get rid of or to unblock. Fixing Galvanized piping is also more difficult and costly.


Copper piping does not cause blockages in the pipes. Copper piping does not rust either and is much easier and quicker to repair.